A note to Hallsville Herald readers

How long ago did the Hallsville Herald go out of business? Fifteen, twenty years ago?

This website was created in the hopes of finding a new editor who could revive the paper and continue the long tradition of community journalism in Hallsville.

As it stands today,  the Hallsville Herald isn’t a real newspaper. It does no original reporting and accepts no local advertising. Instead, the website automatically posts links to stories published by other media. The site pays for itself, and then some, with Google ad clicks.

If you are interested in taking over the Hallsville Herald, please contact website owner Wes Ferguson at wesferguson@gmail.com. He would be happy to see community journalism return to Hallsville.

If you are not interested in taking over the Hallsville Herald, but you are interested in nature and history of East Texas, please check out Wes Ferguson’s book, Running the River: Secrets of the Sabine. Photographer Jacob Croft Botter, a Hallsville native, is the co-author.